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Well Ganttable is simply a website where you can plan any project you like and have it displayed as a Gantt chart. Gantt charts are a key tool for project planning and our website makes sure you stay on track!

Easy to use

Choose how many hours you can work each day, so that you’re not overwhelmed with tasks. Even add some holidays!

Get annoying emails (that can be easily turned off) to remind you to do your tasks.

Assign resources, members and dependencies. Even limit how many resources you can use at once!

Download your chart to put into your important reports.

Mobile Ready

Access your charts on the go, and make sure you get this project done!

About Us

We’re just two university students who didn’t like the options out there for making Gantt charts. We are using this website for our own projects very successfully and we’ll be continuing to maintain the website throughout the year — and for however long it is popular.

If you spot any bugs or problems, bear with us, we’ll aim to fix them within the week. Giving us an email at [email protected] is a good way of asking us any questions. Don’t worry if we don’t reply immediately, we’ll aim to get back to you in a few days at most.

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